This week on an all new "DC’s Legends of Tomorrow" we continue season 1 with an episode titled, "Night Of The Hawk." This week the episode is written by Sarah Nicole Jones & Cortney Norris and directed by Joe Dante. Viewers are still wondering what exactly happened at the end of last episode, "Marooned," when it appeared that Mick met his fate at the hands of his partner, Captain Cold. While it's possible the show suffered at the start from such a large cast of characters, they are dropping off the radar at an alarming rate.

Who in the cast will be left by the end of the first season?

What happened to Mick?

Of course a definitive death and ending of Mick's character might be too obvious and too on the nose considering the title of the episode last week, so we could assume that Mick may pop up in the timeline at a later point in the series.


Or it could very well be that Mick really is dead, and if so, hopefully it isn't at the expense of Captain Cold's story, which has marginally more depth to the series than Mick has offered so far.

A plan is formed to kill Vandal Savage

Rip Hunter arrives with the Legends in 1958 where they begin to check out a disturbing series of murders linked to Randal Savage. Savage gets himself a new name, Curtis Knox, and a new job as a doctor in 1958. His exploits as a doctor are uncovered by Sara while she investigates a local hospital, where she eventually becomes a nurse. Meanwhile, Ray and Kendra act as a married couple in suburbia and find Savage is a local resident while they look into the mysterious murders in the region. Later, Jefferson gets assaulted by a bird creature, synthesized from the exact Nth metal meteorite that gave both Carter and Kendra superhero powers.

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Jefferson somehow then gets hassled by police and is taken directly to Savage. The Legends are forced to take on Savage at The Hospital where he has Jefferson hostage and turned into a vicious creature.

Kendra decides to go in alone for Savage

Kendra goes in after Savage, but the time-traveling goon almost kills Kendra right before Ray arrives to rescue her. The rest of the team bring Jefferson back to the ship and Dr. Stein and Gideon are able to create a serum to cure both Jefferson and the other creatures. The time-traveling bounty hunter Chronos, who everyone seems to compare to Boba Fett from "Star Wars," then arrives and attacks the team, which forces the Waverider, which looks a lot like the Millennium Falcon,  to unexpectedly leave. Ray, Sara, and Kendra become stranded back in 1958 due to the unexpected turn of events. Kendra, played by Ciara Renee, has been seen on "Arrow" and episodes of "The Flash" as Hawkgirl. The next episode of the show is titled, "Left Behind," and airs March 31, 2016 on The CW.