"American Crime Story" is the new FX anthology show created by Larry Karaszewski and Scott Alexander, and produced by Ryan Murphy (American Horror Story). Each season will present a different story focused on singular American crimes. The first season shows the judgment of O. J. Simpson. The script is based on the book “The Run of his Life: The People v. O.J. Simpson”, by Jeffrey Toobin. Alexander and Karaszenwski said they are trying to explain how the judgment went so badly against the prosecution, but they do not expect to define if Simpson was innocent or guilty.

Simpson (Cuba Gooding Jr.) is a former football player, wo became the first to run over 2,000 yards in a single season. When Simpson retired he also act in a few movies like "The Naked Gun" (1988). In 1994 he was alleged of killing his ex-wife Nicole (Kelly Dowdle) and her friend Ron (Jake Koeppl). Simpson’s trial was broadcast on TV and watched by 20 million people. The episodes will show the story right after the crime and the judgment.

A shocking crime

The first episode presents the crime sceneon the night of the murder,and throws inlots of information related to the investigation which follows in the next episodes.

There is also a prologue of intense riots between the African American population and LAPD. You will see the moment where Simpson and A. C. Cowlings run away in a white Ford Bronco. The public will also be presented with emotional moments like Robert Kardashian being certain of his friend’s innocence, andRobert Shapiro being quite enthusiastic totake partin a high-profile judgment. However, the first episode flip-flops when it comes to not picking sides.

There's onescene where the LAPD detectives talk about how they will testify in court.

The public might be very excited to see famous faces such as John Travolta, Bruce Greenwood (Mad Men), Sarah Paulson (American Horror Story), David Schwimmer (Friends), Evan Handler (Californication), Cheryl Ladd (Charlie's Angels), Malcolm-Jamal Warner (Cosby Show), Selma Blair (Anger Management), Jordana Brewster (Dallas), Connie Britton (Nashville) andCourtney B.

Vance (Law & Order: CI), among others. The first season will run to ten episodes.

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