As New York Fashion Week opens, and on the heels of our original interview with Phoenix model Sherita Moss, we interview an outstanding model from the Valley of the Sun.

Michael J Wells: Age / height / dress size?

Angel Fuchsia: Timeless / 5'7" / Depends on the label, but typically a 5.

MW: Briefly describe your childhood.

AF: I was a nerdy straight A student who got picked on. I was constantly involved with extracurricular activities, like orchestra, band, dance, gymnastics, yearbook, sports, choir, etc. Home life was challenging to say the least, but I learned a lot from my experiences and wouldn't change it.

It's why I am who I am today.

MW: Describe your modeling experience; how did you start out?

AF: I started working on professional projects in late 2005. Since then, I have been in ads, flyers, music videos, fashion shows, magazines, newspapers, and even on the News.

MW: What type / genre of modeling do you prefer, and why?

AF: Alternative fashion! I love editorial and runway the best.

MW: How do you stay in shape? Do you have a routine, or is it easy to stay fit with your daily activities?

AF: I do yoga for about 20 minutes per day and eat a vegetarian diet.

MW: What keeps you motivated about modeling? What do you really love about it?

AF: The networking aspect is always fun. I love working with designers, other models, publications, photographers, other stylists, etc.

I have also been doing behind the scenes work, including makeup for the last four years. I have met a lot of great people.

MW: Favorite models / inspiration?

AF: Bettie Page and Dita Von Teese are probably my top 2.

MW: You’re also a musician, correct? What can you tell us about that?

AF: Music is my passion.

I am in a band called Bella Lune, who has performed all over the world, including Japan and Europe. I write, record, and produce my own work. I also self-publish on my label Aetheria Music. I just got a new DJ setup that I am really excited about, and will be doing more DJ sets in the future as well.

MW: Funniest moment you can currently remember?

AF: It would probably have to be my most embarrassing, coming of age moments. It's hard to say just one though, I usually try to block those out. There was one time while performing on stage that the mic cable came out of the mic. I was singing away, wondering why I couldn't hear myself. I don't think many people noticed, because it was at the end of a song, but it was pretty funny.

MW: Favorite charity? Why?

AF: My latest album Tranzendance (2015) was a charity release. A portion of the proceeds goes to Music and Memory, who provides music therapy to alzheimer's patients in nursing homes. Bella Lune has also donated our efforts to Halo Animal Rescue and Child Help in the past.

I also regularly cut my hair and donate it to Locks of Love, which provides wigs for children with cancer and alopecia.

MW: Most rewarding experience or moment?

AF: The first experience that comes to mind happened in Japan. It was right after a show, in the train station, waiting to board for Tokyo. A group of 7-10 girls in anime-looking school uniforms gathered around us like we were the Beatles, literally screaming about how cool we were. It was a small taste of fame. Getting published in print is always very rewarding as well.

MW: Best advice you’ve ever received?

AF: We create our own reality. If you take accountability for all of your thoughts, the only person that can ever hurt you is yourself.

I could go on for hours about this and related topics. It’s hard to explain in just a few sentences.

MW: Any last thoughts for fashion readers?

AF: Check out my favorite local alternative fashion brands: Miss Construed, Pink Moon Prophecy, Vital Vein, Hell on Heels, Modified Minds, and of course, Torture Couture.

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