Model Alyssa Giordano has it all figured out. You don't have to tell her: she knows she's photogenic, has an exotic look that makes her stand out, and that she's on her way to the summit of her profession.Since graduating from Bloomfield High School in New Jersey in 2007, Giordano has known she's energetic enough, brash enough, self-assured enough, and bold enough to be one of the most widely-seen models in America.

"I knew I could be a model at the age of 16 when I started branching and finding myself," Giordano said via an exclusive Feb. 15th e-mail interview.

"Everyone gave me compliments."

"Making love" to the camera

Giordano says the key to being photogenic "is letting whatever is on your mind go and completely letting go. True beauty comes from within so your insides show on the outside. I excel exceptionally well. Finding your perfect angles is the key."

A man that has helped her find the "perfect angles" is photographer James Smith. "My favorite shoot was with photographer James Smith. He embraced and showed me the ropes.

He is an awesome photographer and person."

Giordano said she has ways of knowing if a photographer is any good: "I can tell a photographer knows his stuff by the way he coordinates himself with the lighting, camera, and the effect and his enthusiasm!"

Standing out

"Being a transgendered model has helped me," Giordano said. "I do get recognized on the street because I stand out; I have a very exotic look.

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[Describing] myself in one word, I would be charismatic! I love to stand out and be different."

Giordano stands 5"11, weighs 190 pounds, and measures 36CC, 24, 30. An advantage she has is she possesses strong Latin features that distinguish her from the common modeling herd.

"I could see myself on the cover of 'Vogue'," Giordano said, and in two years, "I would be on TV." But for now, she prefers the hustle and the sizzle of dominating New York City, "The Big Apple is best!"

Stay tuned for more of Alyssa Giordano as she continues to climb the NYC modeling ladder.

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