This week on "The Walking Dead," on an episode titled, “The Next World,” It’s a story that focuses closely on Rick and Daryl. Rick has a renewed vision for the group and the episode has general themes of family, survival and instinct woven tightly into the plot lines this week. Spoiler alert, this article discusses the episode in explicit detail, so you have been warned.

Another notch in the belt

The episode starts with Rick notching a new hole in his belt, symbolic in perhaps multiple ways, but foremost alluding to a new and leaner restart.

Daryl, going on a supply run with Rick, has an awkward talk with Denise about soda, saying Tara likes it and has been talking in her sleep about it. Eugene gives Daryl and Rick a list of agricultural items they could use and, down the road on their journey, Rick proclaims that the law of averages has to catch up to them eventually.


Daryl tells Rick they haven’t seen anyone in weeks, so we are immediately aware that a time jump of around two months has occurred.

Carl and Enid still a strange pair

Carl and Enid walk in the woods and they find a balloon with a message attached, but it’s too wet and faded to read. Enid asks why are they in the woods and Carl says they’re kids, it what they do, but Enid is adamant they aren't kids any longer. Enid and Carl sit in the woods, reading comics, eating and hanging out. When Michonne and Spencer spook them, Enid declares she is done with the woods. Heading back to the safety of Alexandria, they come across Deanna, now a walker, and have a fight about killing her. In the end, Carl declines to do put her down.

Almost nothing gets past Michonne

Michonne, standing guard at the wall, sees Spencer go into the woods with a shovel, so she investigates.

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Michonne tries to figure out why Deanna’s son is wandering the woods with a shovel and she gets her answer later in the episode they find zombie Deanna in the woods. Spencer shoves a knife into the base of her skull, putting her down, and explains this is why he was in the woods. After they bury Deanna, Michonne tells Spencer, “You still have a home.”

Jesus makes an appearance

Maggie confronts Enid that she never sees her and asks where she’s been. Enid says she goes nowhere, and Maggie tells her she is around and to come talk to her. Out on the run, Daryl and Rick find a stash of supplies in a truck. When they pull into a gas station and find a soda and candy machine an unarmed man on the run bumps into them. Enter Jesus into the Walking Dead universe. Jesus claims he was running from walkers and asks if they have a camp. Daryl quickly says no. Rick notices that Jesus is clean and his beard was trimmed, which make him believe there’s more going on than he admitted. It ends up that Jesus swiped Rick’s keys and, in a diversion using firecrackers, Jesus steals their truck full of supplies. 

Rick and Daryl have bad luck

Rick and Daryl find Jesus down the road and they recapture their truck and tie up Jesus and leave him.

Just when you think the situation is over, Jesus is on the roof of their truck. There’s a bit of a comical moment when Daryl jumps out and chases Jesus. Rick jumps out and joins in, but Jesus jumps into the truck and Daryl jumps in after him. The two struggle and Jesus grabs a gun, shooting a walker that almost bites Daryl. Daryl punches Jesus and knocks him out but moments later Rick and Daryl watch helplessly as their truck rolls into a small lake and they lose the food stash they fought so hard to get back. They find a car and take Jesus back with them to Alexandria.

Things heat up for Rick and Michonne

Michonne and Rick, on the couch with a baby monitor, discuss their crazy day without discussing much at all. They suddenly hold hands and begin to kiss. For many in the fandom, this pairing has been a long time coming. Later, as Michonne and Rick are naked and asleep in bed, Jesus startles them awake. Rick and Michonne draw their guns on Jesus as he tells them that they need to talk as the episode ends.