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Returning on February 14th, #TheWalkingDead is one of the most realistic horror television series ever produced. From gangs fighting for territories, supplies and weapons, to a very curious justification for the zombie’s existence, we were never introduced to ridiculous content or incredulous story arcs. Everything is seemingly reasonable and actually makes quite a good deal of sense.

Now, returning for the last part of Season 6, a few knots are still to be tied and lots rumors float around.

Here are a few facts to know about how the show might go on.

New characters on #TWD

A constant as frequent as death in the series is the arrival of new characters. Especially with the finding of Alexandria, we’ve been introduced to many characters, and, this time, mostly good people to help the fledging and tired surviving main characters.

But now the show will introduce the audience to Negan, a new villain.

In the comic books, Negan is portrayed as a really evil and brutally violent man who engages on an open war with Alexandria.

This is an arrival fans have been anticipating for a long time, and with Jeffrey Dean Morgan playing the part, this is set up to become the debut of one of the show’s most iconic villains.

Deaths on #TWD

Death is a recurring factor in a story featuring a more dangerous world for mankind than the very early days of this species.

Now, after Glenn Rhee survived his accident with the herd in the back alley, he will be faced with another great challenge: Negan.

For, in the comics, the great fan favorite ends up dead by Negan’s baseball bat – a brutal scene few people had the stomach to go by.

Now, that doesn’t mean the television version of the character will face the same fate, but the feelings evoked by the first look of the dumpster scene could return in a permanent way.

Also setting the fire of fear in fans’ hearts is the possible death of Daryl Dixon in the next season finale.

This is a particular case, since Daryl was made for TV, not having a comic book counterpart.

Now, since Glenn survived a great ordeal, it is unlikely that he will be facing Negan. Much more plausible is the possibility for a fight involving Daryl. Of course, if you meta-think it, Daryl is arguably the most popular character in the show, but producers have shown time and again that they are serious to tell a plausible story. So, Daryl could be in serious jeopardy during the next episodes.

Regardless, there is still hope the producers don’t use the comic book event of Glenn’s death at all, but taking away such a huge from the story could lead to possible errors of continuity later.

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