A continued look at some of the highest paid actors for individual roles (in millions).

Tim Allen: 14.5

"Joe Somebody" is a movie that probably not many people know. But it doesn’t matter for Tim Allen as he was such a big star during the movie because of the series titled Home Improvement (he got a million dollars per episode) that he could ask for a salary of 15 million dollars for this terrible film. It’s about an ordinary man who takes revenge on his colleague who is always humiliating him. Yes, it’s really as boring as it sounds, but it surely didn’t bother Allen’s accountant.

Katherine Heigl: 13

By 2012, Katherine Heigl had already humiliated herself with mediocre romantic comedies that she had appeared in previously. She was not so popular at the shootings because of her difficult personality, so the fact that she got an undeservedly high salary for One for the Money that was a failure in the cinemas has probably buried her career for good.

John Travolta: 27

After his return in Pulp Fiction, John Travolta could decide to ask Hollywood for more money to balance his earlier difficult years. The comedy titled Lucky Numbers might have been a part of this evil plan as it was a huge financial failure – except for Travolta, who for some reason got almost 30 million dollars for the not-too-memorable role.

Sylvester Stallone: 24

Sly spent the ‘80's with trying to make the most (financially too) out of his breakthrough that Rocky meant for him. Allegedly, for the third episode in 1982, he got 18 million dollars, but it’s nothing compared to his work titled Over the Top. This was the movie that tried to convince everyone that arm wrestling is really cool.

Even though it didn’t make the mentioned sport popular, it earned Stallone a lot of money.

Eddie Murphy: 23.5

By 2002 the comedies of Eddie Murphy were among the biggest failures in Hollywood. But this didn’t prevent the fallen comedian from getting a lot of money for Pluto Nash. His salary was about three times higher than the income of the film.

This is quite unpleasant as the production didn’t even earn 10% of its budget of 100 million dollars. No wonder Murphy seems so satisfied in the poster.

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