The Hollywood actors on this list have netted unimaginable amounts of money for roles:

Chris Tucker: 57 million dollars

Chris Tucker might not be one of the greatest actors, but he is surely a dodgy businessman. Besides his guaranteed salary of 25 million dollars in Rush Hour, he wanted to get 20% of the gross income of the production. The star was lucky as the movie earned about an income of 200 million dollars. And he was also very lucky that the film was a success.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: 33 million dollars

In spite of the fact that Joel Schumacher’s second Batman movie was terrible, the good old Arnie got a quite a good profit out of it.

OK, the role of the hilarious looking antagonist Mr. Freeze shooting with an ice pistol was probably not a comforting role, but this couldn’t have cost 33 million.

Jack Nicholson: 143 million dollars

It seems that the antagonist salaries are overrated in Batman movies (Batman probably wasn’t paid much as Bruce Wayne already has enough money). Directed by Tim Burton in 1989, Jack Nicholson, impersonating the evil Joker, originally got only 6 millions for his cooperation, but his shares from the tickets and related products raised the amount. Joker’s smile was surely honest.

Channing Tatum: 50 million dollars

The low-budget biographical movie about Chippendale-boys was mainly financed by the director Steven Soderbergh and the protagonist Channing Tatum, so he could get almost half of the income.

The story based on Tatum’s life has been earning money since its release as there was also a theater play made from the story. And concerning the fact that after seeing the demigods of Magic Mike with their perfect bodies, most of the male audience probably felt quite shoddy.

Marlon Brando: 17 million dollars

The producers of the classic Superman movie promised Brando the role of the father of the protagonist, Jor-El. They probably regretted their promise a hundred times as the sometime Don Corleone took 17 million dollars from them with only two weeks of work. Allegedly, the actor wanted shares from the income as well, so after all, the deceased star got 29 million dollars.

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