Some of the Hollywood actors deserve the unimaginably high payments that they get for some roles – or at least we see the performance that justifies the high amount of money. But there are some cases when their salaries are just hilariously high. Here are some examples below:

Keanu Reeves: 198 million dollars

Will Smith was earning enough during the 2000's but he probably regrets turning down the offer of the main role of "The Matrix." After the success of the first movie, Keanu Reeves was paid 35 million dollars in advance, but thanks to a further bargaining, the final amount was near to 198 million.

Allegedly, the generous star shared most of his salary with the cast, so we don’t have to be jealous. But it would have been much better if Reeves got this money for the great first movie not for the failed continuations.

Burt Reynolds: 14 million dollars

Some say that the 80-year-old star has financial problems, so most probably he managed to squander his money that he earned during his career. Easy come, easy go – Reynolds could say as in "The Cannonball Run" his only tasks were smiling with girls who wore tight dresses and driving a good car.

Martin Lawrence: 20 million dollars

It’s hard to believe now, but there was a time when Martin Lawrence was an incredibly famous star. But okay, sometimes he had to accept humiliating roles: for example, when he impersonated a funfair worker who for an inexplicable reason found himself in the Middle Ages in England. Even in Lawrence’s career the movie was catastrophic, but at least he got a lot of money for it. Among other reasons that’s why parents teach their kids that life is unfair.

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Sean Connery: 400 thousand dollars

Compared to the mentioned millions of dollars, 400 thousand doesn’t seem to be much but it immediately changes if we know that the old actor appeared in only one scene for this money, and he had only four lines as king Richard the Lionheart who was returning from a battle. The actor probably didn’t even have to spend a whole day on set.

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