Besides hosting a few shows of his own, Wayne Brady is making a historic name for himself as a creative genius and becoming one of the most traditional comedians in American entertainment industry, singing funny and intricate lyrics in the improvisational style of Whose Line Is It Anyway?, co-starring in many shows and collaborating on a few movies.

Now starring as #Lola in the #KinkyBoots musical on Broadway, he’s also hosting the Let’s Make a Deal show while keeping up with all of his other works.

Sadly, however, some sad News just arrived about his Broadway performance.

Wayne Brady’s awards and nominations

Being a very talented and experienced man, he’s usually referred to as an “entertainer”, to summarize his many abilities. And as such, here are a few awards he’s won over the last decades:

  • The 2003 Primetime Emmy Award in the “Outstanding Individual Performance in a Variety, Musical or Comedy Series” category, for his work on Whose Line.
  • Two Daytime Emmy Awards in the “Outstanding Talk Show Host”, for his role as the host of The Wayne Brady Show. This show also received two other Emmy Awards.

Besides that, he was recently honored with a Special Recognition Award by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) Federal Agency.

Wayne Brady as a guest star

Mr. Brady co-starred many shows during his career, and marked all his characters with outstanding skill and intelligent acting. A few most notorious ones are:

  • Louis, Chris’ uncle in the Everybody Hates Chris sitcom,
  • James Stinson, Barney’s brother in the How I Met Your Mother hit television show,
  • Steven Black, Lemon’s date on the 30 Rock show,
  • Hilton Fox, in the episode "Shawn and the Real Girl" from the Psych T.V. series.

He was also a guest judge in So You Think You Can Dance and even hosted the Miss America pageant.

Kinky Boots

Giving life to Lola, Wayne is shining his way into Broadway’s everlasting recognition, but some sad news have come about: he’s leaving the Kinky Boots cast.

On March 27th he will be portraying this part for the last time. Kinky Boots won six Tony Awards in 2013, and Wayne joined the crew on November 2015, receiving massive praise for his performance.

He has not announced what the future holds yet, but fans long for another opportunity to see him on #Broadway again.

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