Was Peyton Manning leading the Denver Broncos to their 24-10 victory over the favorites Carolina Panthers in the 50th Super Bowl the biggest surprise of the night? It's not too surprising that Manning is the only starting quarterback to win Super Bowls on two different teams.

Surprising Political Statement Disguised in Tight Leather

Some would say that it's no surprise that Beyonce practically stole the halftime show from Coldplay and Bruno Mars. But it is amazing that the popular singer didn’t even raise an eyebrow with the politically charged song showing off Black Panther inspired costumes and provocative lyrics.

While this racy performance didn't catch viewers' attention like wardrobe malfunctions, it comes after the debut of the release of Beyonce's latest release "Formation" which raised so much Red Lobster controversy. The formation of dancers dressed in the unmistakable style of the activists made a powerful statement that went beyond fashion.

Super Bowl Ad Surprises

Once again commercials that grabbed Super Bowl viewers’ attention.

The announcement by The Good Wife that this would be their final season came as an unexpected surprise in the entertainment world. This was the first time that a Super Bowl ad announced the ending of a television series.As

As The Force Awakens continues to break box office records, JJ Abrams released a surprise trailer for the followup to his other hit film, Cloverfield.

While there's been talk about a sequel for some time, this movie is said to be more of an expansion of the monster universe from the original movie. Featuring veteran actor John Goodman mysteriously holed up in a bunker with actors, 10 Cloverfield Lane is set for a March 11 release.

What comes as no surprise is that the Super Bowl continues to be big business.

This year's ads played it safe with more humor and a lighter tone after last year's emotional and heavier themes didn't go over so well with fans.The 2016 budget for Super Bowl ads grew to over $345 million. With this much at stake businesses try to avoid surprises.

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