Although this slaughter of seven men happened over eight decades ago, the Valentine’s Day massacre of 1929 is no less notorious today. Recently, however, handwritten autopsies have resurfaced that provides gruesome details for what the New York Times called “the most cold-blooded gang massacre in the history of this city’s underworld.”

Sometimes the Dead Do Speak Again

After several trips to a government warehouse, James Sledge, head of the county medical examiner’s office, said that finding and reading the original autopsy papers gave him a chill down his back.

“The reports are very graphic about what happened,” said Sledge. ”You read about history, you talk about it, but to have something in your hands — it gives you an odd feeling.”

In an interview with the mother of one of those murdered the 1929 coroner warned her to " try to brace yourself as well as you can..” Although many suspected notorious mob boss Al Capone, his alibi of being in Florida at the time of the murders held up.

When Reality is More Violent than Hollywood

Hollywood is often accused of excess violence, but Roger Corman wanted to make The St Valentine’s Day Massacre the “most true-to-life motion picture about gangsters ever done..

almost a documentary..”The 1967 film depicts

The 1967 film depicts the February 14, 1929, murder of the seven men lined up execution-style against the rear inside wall of the North Clark Street garage as the climax of the war between the rival Chicago gangs.

Flashbacks show the escalation of violence leading up to the massacre. Everything was faithfully recreated down to what witnesses saw at the actual scene.

“..every scene, every character.. we knew to have happened,” Corman continued. “..with the exception of one or two..”

Ironically, one such scene involved actor George Segal playing mobster Peter Gusenberg fighting with his girlfriend over a mink coat. Corman admits that the humorous scene was done mostly to lighten the heavy mood of the film.

To this day, the St Valentine's Day Massacre remains unsolved.Witnesses told of the killers posing as policemen leading the other killers out of the garage after the shooting.

But no one has ever been identified.

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