Grease was the word again on Sunday night. The Twitterverse was all abuzz about the big Broadway show turned box office hit coming to the small screen. #GreaseLive had nearly 800,000 hits.

The Show Must Go On

Despite mourning the recent death of her father,star Vanessa Hudgens decided to demonstrate the strength seen in some of the characters she plays, dedicating her performance to his memory.

Fans were supportive of Hudgens who attracted the most praise on Twitter among the star-studded cast including Julianne Hough from Dancing With The Stars and Broadway actor, Aaron Tveit.

Old Show, New Tricks

While it’s hard not to compare this live broadcast to the stage and screen versions, fans’ comments were mostly favorable especially compared to other adaptations such as the Sound of Music and more recently The Wiz.

“We have affection for the movie and the stage play just as much as everybody else,” said director Thomas Kail in an interview with the New York Times. “But it’s not about trying to redo those. It’s trying to capture the spirit.”

Nostalgia Continues to Be Good Business

Even though Hollywood is always looking for the “next big thing,” they continue to mine older successes - whether it’s the Marvel franchiseor Star Wars sequels.

Ironically, it was the nostalgic film American Graffiti that gave George Lucas the break he first needed to green light the story of “a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away.”

When his previous film was criticized as unemotional, Lucas vowed to show audiences how he could bring back the nostalgic feelings of a world before Vietnam and 60's rock and roll. This was before the success of shows like Grease and Happy Days in remindingaudiences of fast cars, burger joints and drive-in theaters.

So, while critics may pan them negatively, music specials continue to still attract both audiences and funding - $16 million for the production budget of Grease Live alone.

Whether this means a bigger revival of musical shows is still unknown. But it's clear that shows bringing back fond memories continue to be big hits with audiences.

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