Rumor has it that Royal Wade Kimes may have been born sitting in a saddle with a holster on his hip near the Oklahoma-Arkansas border. Living in the west until he decided to hit the trail in his twenties, Wade lowered the brim of his cowboy hat, grabbed his guitar, and rode into Nashville. With his 6 string and talent in hand, he settled a while at the Loretta Lynn Ranch, playing campfire shows and circling the wagons on writers nights -- honing his songwriting skills. The "Gentleman Outlaw" as he's known, was just settlin' in.

Kicking up dust

Staking his claim around Nashville, Royal Wade Kimes found himself writing the hit "We Bury The Hatchet" with Garth Brooks, reaching 17 million copies worldwide.

He's written songs for Gene Watson, Diamond Rio, and more. While signed with Asylum Records, he had a top ten dance hit and roamed the U.S. with the Walmart/Anderson Country Tour. Things over at Asylum were changing and Wade decided to pick up his cowboy boots and kick up some dust in Nashville when he started his own label, Wonderment Records.

A restless cowboy

When he released "Cowboy Cool," hits like "Modern Day Drover," "Feelin' Stud," and "Ponies" were included, and he delighted fans with his rendition of Bob Dylan's "Knocking On Heaven's Door" in true outlaw style. Another fan favorite is his CD "Hats Off," a tribute to his personal friend, the late legend, Eddy Arnold. Two songs “Desperate Men” and “Paint Me A Mountain" on his CD “White Light” were number one gospel singles.

On his CD "A Dyin' Breed," he got some attention with "Mile High Honey," a billboard charter. Garth Brooks has a guest appearance on the duet "Night Birds." He also released "In My Land," hailed by fans as an anthem about the 2nd Amendment and freedom.

Saddle up, you're going for a ride

This "Gentleman Outlaw" as he's known, has more talents under his long black duster jacket than you can talk about over a late night campfire.

He has limited edition art, four audio books under his belt, written two books, "Eminent Domain and Old Man Smith" and just released his western novel, “Where Outlaws Roam." You might also not know about "Dixie Burns," Wade's 30-minute extended and award winning music video about a soldier coming home from the civil war.

Every year, Royal Wade Kimes leads a five day event called "Mount Royal Trail Ride" where you can saddle up with the "Gentleman Outlaw" himself on the trail. Along with other activities, there's an intimate campfire show one night, and he and his well seasoned band of outlaws, the 'Packing Iron Posse' do a show at the end of the event. This event is so popular, 90% of the folks return each year. Seems nothing can stop Wade from enjoying what he loves, his outlaw brand of "western country" music, the great outdoors, horses, and his fans. He's recently added another holiday vacation event called the Glory Border Ride.

Ridin' down the trail

When you think Wade's tying his reigns to the hitching post -- you're better off staying saddled up.

His ride isn't over, there's more coming from this gentleman outlaw. He's hosting a professional songwriting seminar in March in Fort Smith, Arkansas, and rumor has it, he's at it again with a new video being released in the coming weeks.

If you're missing true "western country" music with a hint of rock, this gentleman outlaw's got what you're hankering for. When you listen to Wade and his western style along with his band, you can almost hear the stagecoach coming down the trail, feel the longing and smell the campfire on his latest CD, "Shadows Of Time."

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