Is it possible that Meryl Streep is about to retire from the silver screen? There seems to be no end in her talent and her ability to connect with the real world through her involvement with causes. She has been known to join into political causes and other causes such as the National Women's History Museum. She is a strong advocate of women's rights and has put herself on the line when it comes to calling Congress out. Beyond that her humanitarian rights causes are front and center.

No one is a stronger feminist than Meryl and all of her actions follow suit.

She is a true leader of such as great causes as The Draw the Line Campaign and the Effective Treatment for Epilepsy. She introduced the ketogenic diet to support her cause for epilepsy. Her work shows she has a passion for all she does and yet she can still take the time to leave the silver screen in order to tend to her family.

Where you do stand when it comes to supporting causes? Where do you stand when it comes to taking time away from your business?

Can your business operate without out you for a week, a month, a year or more?

Planning to make your business move along without you takes you from owning your own job to owning your business. Where will you be in 5 years from now? Will you be able to own more than one enterprise? Business ownership only means you have the right team in place to control the day to day actions. Your business should be able to maintain good profits with others at the helm? Have you made a list of resources who are capable of leadership within your organization?

Can each of these resources help your business grow? Will you be able to move from "in" the business to "on" the business?

Take time, be passionate about moving your business to the next level. Be like Meryl Streep, take the time to breathe the air, get involved with outside causes, take time for your family, and keep yourself fit and healthy.

Where will Meryl go? Anywhere she wants as long as it fits into her idea of where she needs to be.

She is not tied to any one thing, she is tied to life balance and support of others.

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