Michael Douglas on life after cancer, being a father

Since his illness, the 71-year-old star of "Basic Instinct" has been focusing on his job as a father, his re-started marriage with Catherine Zeta-Jones, and enjoying the small pleasures of life. Douglas isn’t really after acting and thinks he got a second chance to be a good father.

The legendary actor talked about his life and activities besides work at the age of seventy-one in the February-March issue of AARP magazine. “Anyone who doesn’t think of how he spends his life at this age is stupid” – said Douglas, who is much happier for being a good father, re-starting his marriage, and beating cancer than having roles in movies.

“The nearness of death is a good teacher” – he said.

The actor was diagnosed with tongue cancer, but he has been asymptomatic for five years.Douglas has two children from his marriage to fellow actor Catherine Zeta-Jones. The actor thinks he has a new chance to be a good father, and he wanted to spend more time with his 15-year-old son and 12-year-old daughter.

Douglas thinks that one of the biggest mistakes of his life was not seeing his son grow up while he was so busy with filming. The 37-year-old Cameron has been in prison since 2010 for drug consumption and selling, and he can get out in 2017 at the soonest. The actor visits his oldest son twice a month and tries to help him with quitting drugs.

Troubled marriage and reconnecting

The illness of the actor and Catherine Zeta-Jones’ bipolar disorder made their marriage very difficult, and they announced their break-up in 2013. But they managed to save their marriage with long years of work. According to Catherine Zeta-Jones, they “have both become wiser and more sensible, and they appreciate what they have.”

Despite his changed lifestyle, Douglas didn’t stop acting and got an Emmy Award for his role in the movie titled Behind the Candelabra in 2013.

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He was also inthe comic movie "Ant-Man."The actor now gets on well with his father, Kirk Douglas, who celebrates his 100th birthday in 2016.

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