Kanye West shocked social media on Tuesday by directly implying to the world that disgraced comedic actor Bill Cosby has no case to answer. Using his personal Twitter account, the rapper posted three simple words to say, “BILL COSBY IS INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!” The tweet alone received over 23,000 retweets and 25,000 likes.

The 78-year old was arrested in December last year before being charged with aggravated indecent assault amid allegations of drugging and sexually assaulting a litany of women who have since come forward.

This is not the first time West has commented on Cosby’s infamous case. A track released on New Year’s Eve titled ‘Facts’ included the lyrics – “Do anybody feel bad for Bill Cosby? Did he forget names just like Steve Harvey?”

Backlash and Outrage

Followers of Kanye West immediately took to Twitter to reply to the post with outrage and condemnation. Some of the responses included, “Kanye, what are you doing?”, “Kanye no….” and “Stop Kanye.

This is not a good look.”

The brash public announcement left even many of his own fans bemused and disappointed. A host of GIFs, Vines and memes of a perplexed Kanye West and partner Kim Kardashian were also used to convey the backlash felt by many over the comment.

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Album Release Timing Close to Criminal Hearing

This latest controversy from Kanye West so happens to coincide with the release of his latest album Waves. The rapper clarified his comments after coming out to say that the upcoming release will be the best album of all time, only to revise that remark lately to say it will be ‘one of’ the greatest.

The tweet once again puts Kanye West firmly in the crosshairs of the public after deleting tweets from a feud with fellow rapper Wiz Khalifa regarding the title of the upcoming album.

The date of the release has not been made official yet, but the timing of the Cosby comments comes close to the actor’s criminal case in Pennsylvania. Since the original charges in 2005 did not come to fruition due to insufficient evidence, one of the alleged victims Andrea Constand went forward with pursuing criminal charges despite Cosby settling out of court for all parties.

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