The wait is over. After knowing about three European Schools of Wizardry and a Russian one, #HarryPotter fans will now meet castles from all around the world. And, being featured in the upcoming Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film, Ilvermorny is the North American counterpart of Hogwarts.

Here are the known facts about the new schools:


A school based on the foundation of Native American magic, as J.K. Rowling said herself via Twitter:

So, now we know it's located somewhere in North America, but even as we know that Newton Scamander will travel to New York in the next movie, Rowling clarified the issue by saying he will not visit the castle, and kept Ilvermorny's location a secret:

Might not be much, but we know the name, the sub-continent, and that when students come, they were sorted by houses, much like in Hogwarts.


Built in a Japanese volcanic island, the great castle harbors many students.The educational systemand wizards tend to favor wands made of cherry wood. But, contrary to Hogwarts or Ilvermorny culture, Mahoutokoro students do not sleep on school grounds. Instead, they are flown back and forth to their parent’s house on a daily basis.


Castelobruxo, literally “wizard castle” in the Portuguese language is the Brazilian-based castle to all South American students. Built on a location sparsely populated, the castle resembles a Mayan temple, made of golden rock.It is also protected by the Caipora, spirit-beings who are extremely prone to mischief.


Deep in the African continent, the school of Uagadou is the home of most African students. Built in the mountainside, the building was always covered by mists and sometimes seemed to float. Students from this castle focus their studies on Astronomy and Alchemy, and a high number of Animagi areconfirmed in the area.This school is located in Uganda.

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them

Even if most content in the Harry Potter world is written about British wizards, the upcoming#FantasticBeasts movie seems to have a few American characters.

This is a good start and maybe in future movies or T.V. shows students from schools all around the world will be featured.

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