It turns out that having a social media / PR team asleep at the wheel is not such a bad thing when your brand is called out by a popular celebrity as the reward for outstanding sexual performance.

Red Lobster saw a 33 percent spike in sales after the controversial release of the latest Beyonce song before the Super Bowl. CEO Kim Lopdrup expressed appreciation for the unexpected good will on behalf of the seafood restaurant chain.

"We had an amazing weekend, particularly Super Bowl Sunday, which I think helps demonstrate the power of celebrity endorsement and pop culture," Lopdrup said.

The brand’s Twitter account saw more like and retweets than ever before.

For Some Controversy Only Seems to Help

Meanwhile, Kanye West continues to prove that there is no bad such thing as bad press. His latest controversial tweet proclaimed that Bill Cosby is innocent of the charges that the comedian will be facing on Thursday. This drew a variety of responses from the Twitterverseasking what the musical artist is doing and claiming that West was againunder the influence of drugs.

This comes after things had just quieted down from a recent weeklong Twitter battle between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa that started over criticism of the name for West's upcoming album, Waves.

These, of course, follow other antics such as the infamous 2009 MTV Music Awards incident where West took the microphone from Taylor Swift in the middle of her award acceptance and his announcement last year that he will run for president.

Most remarkable is how such stunts do not seem to surprise anyone, yet no one is calling West out on the timing of thelatest attention-getting controversy so close to the scheduled trial for Cosby.

In fact, these controversies not only do not seemto be hurting record sales at all,they seem instead to only boost his notoriety even further.

Yet for Others, No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Meanwhile, if things weren’t already bad enough for the fast casual chain, Chipotle now has to fix another PR mess. This time, a free burrito offer to make up for inconveniencing lunch customers during the shutdown for a nationwide safety has turned into a cell phone nightmare.

Text after text flooded the cell phone of Washington DC area attorney Hank Levine when senders accidentally added an extra “2” to the number given out by Chipotle for the promotion. Fortunately, Levine doesn’t seem to be too upset with the restaurant chain.

This follows the court decision for Chipotle to pay $600,000 in damages for a gender discrimination lawsuit on Monday. In spite of the restaurant contending that the female managers were fired for not meeting “basic standards for restaurant managers,” the judges ruled for the women who argued that they were “held to different standards.”

Is there hope forChipotle still trying to recover after E. coli outbreaks and other health safety concernshave dragged down the stock price and impacted store sales?

Clearly, no matter who you are - managing your reputation online is crucial to your success in the real world.

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