Hershey, Pennsylvania native Tiffany Vallati has come a long way in a short period of time. Now living in West Hollywood, California, the actress and model is scaling the mountain to her dream every day. She's appeared in the Discovery Channel's I Married a Mobster TV series and was the lead actress in the independent film I Am an American. She's also appeared in the music video It’s The Weekend for recording artist Cano.

"I always felt that God had my back with acting," she said in a February 2016 e-mail interview.

"He made me who I am, and he could have made me enjoy wood working or wrapping gifts at JCPenny's, but he gave me the desire to act. I don't think he would have if he didn't want me to."

"My mom was a model briefly," said Vallati of her inspiration to start in the business. "I remember taking her modeling comp card for show-and-tell and saying that I was going to be a model and actress too."

Meeting Kim Kardashian

Vallati has met a number of celebrities in Hollywood, including Kim Kardashian West. "I've been to album release parties for Dr.

Dre and Snoop Dogg and movie premieres for Fast and Furious among others."

You can find Vallati doing original comedy and drama on Youtube and Instagram, "and every few days I'm doing a new music video for someone, or another audition." Watch one of her videos, "How to Upgrade Your Booty" here:

Getting used to Hollywood

"The showbiz scene is definitely a lot different from the East Coast!" Vallati said.

"I definitely like not having to drive three-and-half-hours to New York [from D.C.]! People say Hollywood will eat you alive, but people aren't any worse than they are anywhere else."

Not all photo shoots are created equal. Some are in studios and some are shot outside with distractions. Vallati, who appeared in FHM Magazine in 2003, described one of her more interesting photo shoots: "I've had to do some underground photo shoots, and at first I hated it because they had to be shot in public.

So I'm doing a beach shoot, but it's a public beach, and other people are poking their heads in. But it actually forced me to not care and be focused like a laser beam." Vallati says the key to being photogenic is "looking like you're having fun! If you're happy, they will like what your doing!"

With many projects coming up, including a role in the film Bloody Hands, optimism is one of Vallati's strongest traits. She's looking forward to conquering "the world."

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