Most popular actors of 2015

Here are the most popular actors of 2015 based a survey conducted among American citizens. The list of ten stars consists of all-time favorites, a legendary actor who passed away decades ago, and some re-entrants as well.

Tom Hanks takes top poll honors

The survey of The Harris Poll was not much of a surprise according to which Tom Hanks is the most popular actor in the USA. 2,252 American citizens above the age of eighteen expressed their opinions about their favorite actors.

Based on the results, Tom Hanks’ position is better by four ranks in 2015 than it was in the previous year.

Hanks impressed audience with Steven Spielberg’s movie "The Bridge of Spies," which was nominated for an Academy Award as well. Hanks has become the most popular actor of the USA for the fourth time in his career.

Tom Hanks has great chances in 2016 as well, as he will appear in the cinemas in productions like the Dan Brown-adaptation "Inferno," which was shot in Budapest, and the drama titled "Sully" directed by Clint Eastwood.

In 2015,Tom Hanks overtook the not-too-active Denzel Washington, who is third on the list, after runner-up Johnny Depp.

A legendary actor is in fourth place as the American audience ranked not only the active stars. John Wayne, the star of "True Grit" and "Rio Bravo," is the only actor on the list who passed away, and he appears on the top list almost every year. The fifth was Harrison Ford thanks to "The Force Awakens." The sixth and seventh were Sandra Bullock and Jennifer Lawrence in 2015, they have also been on the list for years.

The eighth, ninth, and tenth positions are taken by three all-time favorites: Clint Eastwood, Brad Pitt, and Julia Roberts.

The results of the survey are quite interesting as they highlight some important facts characterizing the American audience. For example, Johnny Depp got more votes from women than from men, while John Wayne was supported mainly by men. The distribution by age was the least surprising, as the participants voted for actors who were at their age.

But interestingly, there is a scheme about the regions as well.

Harrison Ford is the favorite in the eastern, Johnny Depp in the southern, Denzel Washington is on top in the Midwest, and Tom Hanks is the winner in the West region. Voters living in cities prefer Denzel Washington, and those living in the suburbs like Tom Hanks the most, and Johnny Depp is the favorite in the country regions.

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