In 2014, God's Not Dead was the highest-grossing independent faith film of the year. Much less than Star Wars. But who's counting?

No April Fool's Joke

The sequel, God's Not Dead 2 is coming out this year - April 1st. To be sure, believers are not April Fools in my book.

I really have faced off with (at the time) the top professor of communism during the Cold War era. Weeks after that encounter I was hauled off by the KGB and taken to meet a witch. Somehow they found me.

And there was no Google yet! Seriously.

I was in the Russian Far East - pre fall of the Soviet Union. I was a visiting scholar at an institute in Southern Siberia. You have heard it is cold in Siberia? It's true. It is so cold in Siberia that people tell jokes in November but nobody laughs until March. That's when the words thaw out.

How Cold is Southern Siberia?

I visited an ice festival at the time and the temperatures were minus 26C!

I know firsthand what it is like to take a stand for my faith in a public place, knowing I might lose everything.

If you have ever seen the movie White Nights you can get a feel for what I felt. At the end of the movie, Gregory Hines was being driven off into the dark night. People watching were convinced, "They are going to shoot him."

When the KGB whisked me away, I was convinced I was going to die that night.

Black sedan. Boris on one side and Natascha in the front seat. I can remember vividly thinking, "I hope I get to meet the witch before they kill me or this trip is not going to be worth it." Seriously. I thought I was going to die. I was 35-years old at the time. But I didn't know that I couldn't refuse the opportunity. My faith is important enough to me that I will take a stand.

Take a Stand for Your Faith

God's Not Dead 2 is about taking a stand, having courage, religious liberty.

Starring in the flick is Melissa Joan Hart, Jesse Metcalfe, Sadie Robertson, Ray Wise, Jon Lindstrom, and Ernie Hudson.

Pat Boone, The NewsBoys and Gov Mike Huckabee will make cameos.

I'll be there early and have my daughter with me.

My God's Not Dead. How's yours?

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