Brandyn Burnette is going from strength to strength.He is signed to Sonyas a writer, founded his own independent record label Home Planet Records and recently released his debut EP "Made of Dreams". Blasting Newscaught up withthe LA-basedsinger-songwriter to see what the future holds.

In your own words how would you describe your music?

I describe my music as progressive soul.

Your father, O’Bryan, was a soul singer in the 80s. How big an influence has he been on your career?

My father had a huge influence on my career. He gave me my first keyboard with production capabilities at 13. I remember listening to his albums at a young age and tried recreating themusing that keyboard.

He’s always given me great advice. When I was 15, he told me to keep writing. I took offense at first,because I told him I wanted to put out an album. He looked at me like I was crazy and told me the best advice he could give was to keepwriting even after you think you’ve said it all. That’susually when you say the most important things.

You recently appeared on American Idol (and even got a hug from Harry Connick Jr!). Why did you decide to quit the show?

I decided not to do the show for creative reasons. It was an incredible opportunity toaudition on live television and it was an honor they aired my moment with my original song“Lost”, but that platformisn’t really what I envision for my career.

After long debate, I decided to continue my own route with my original music. It came down to a question of whether or not I was willing to compete singing other artist’s songs and sign away my creative rights. To a singer from the middle of nowhere, I would urge anyone to pursue it, but for me, personally, I invested so much in my career myself that I couldn’t take a gamble with my branding and reputation.

Well the camera loves you and we understand you also have a passion for acting. Are we likely to see you on the big screen any time soon?

I recently just got an acting agent and I’m in classes. Currently auditioning for many roles. Got a callback for one recently, which was exciting. Nothing confirmed yet, but that isdefinitely on the cards for me.

It was my passion growing up and at NYU before leaving to pursue musicfull time. Branching back into acting from music hasbeenchallenging but I’m exciting to see if I still have what it takes for the big screen. Theatre is half of my artistry and an equally fulfilling release.

You once opened a set for John Mayer. What was it like touring with one of your musical heroes and who else would you love to work with?

It was insane to open John Mayer’s secret show. I had no idea that he would be showing up after my set. The booker asked me as soon as I got off stage if the next act could use my guitar – that it was a secret show – I remember turning tomy friend and being like“how funny would it be if it were John Mayer”.

Sure enough, it was! My guitar was terribly out of tune so I ran up to the stage last minute and swapped em out. haha close call!

You were recently invited to come back and talk at your old high school in St Louis. Surely that is the clearest sign that you’ve made it!

My hometown has not had a very good wrap the last couple years, with all the Ferguson riots & police issues… So to be able to represent my city of Saint Louis on TV and give my school and friends something to be excited about was awesome. I played the news station once before in 2012 but to be back interviewing about my Idol experience was so cool A few students reached out who are aspiring musicians. That was a trip. It was like I was speaking to my younger self.

That’s why I do this.

Your debut EP, "Made of Dreams", is out at the moment. It must have been an incredible journey getting there. Can you describe how it feels?

Putting out a full body of work is really exciting. I spent four or so years developing on a major. That wasintense. I probably wrote four albums that never got heard. So to be able to put somethingtogether that I feel represents me now, that’s beenincredibly rewarding. I decided to keep the team small,listing the help from my songwritingpartner and girlfriend Molly Moore, as well as producers Lewis Hughes and Ryan Spraker. Everybody who was involved believed in the music and I think that’s why it’s been starting to gain a little traction.

What is it like performing with Mollyand will we see more from you guys in the future?

It’s a blast performing and writing with someone you are in love with. It’s crazy. But it’s honest. And I think it’s affected both of our music and message in a positive way. You skip all the bullshit when you’re with another person. It challenges you to look inward more and share in newer ways each day. I think our music stays fresh that way. It speaks to a vein of people who are going through trials and triumphs like we are. I hope itdoesn’t isolate people who are searching still.Because even in a relationship at acertain point love becomes a responsibility. It’s hard to maintain. I know I’m constantly searching for a new way tofeel the same emotions.

I think that longing, that urging, that searching is what keeps the spark ofinspiration in my life. We reach new levels in our relationship when we perform. It’s like letting all of the love, passion, drama and hardship out. In those moments, we’re probably more connected than ever. Couldn’t ask for more than that.

Werecently started a side project together. TBA soon.

So how does the futurelook for Brandyn Burnette?

I am working on my next EP as we speak. Expect a video to“Lost” (from my Idol audition) very soon. I am hoping to be touring this spring/summer/fall. Look our for dates!

Lastly, what advice would you give to any aspiring musicians out there?

Keep writing. If it’s hard to find musicians, pick up an instrument yourself.

Go on YouTubeand obsess over some artists. We all get inspired from somewhere. Just take the inspirations that you love in your life, find a sound and stay true to your heart when you write your lyrics.

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