If you grew up in the 90's, odds are good that you grew up watching (and wanting to be) The Power Rangers. Each ranger had their own personality and each viewer had his or her favorites. Whether it was the romance between Tommy and Kimberly, the anticipation induced by the phrase "it's Morphin Time," or the ever-present wisdom of Zordon, the Power Rangers will forever be an iconic symbol of 90's lore. Even though the franchise has had both a revolving cast and revolving themes, the classic series will always hold a special place in the hearts and minds of many.

Elizabeth Banks cast as Rita Repulsa

With nostalgia in the air, it was just announced that the iconic villain Rita Repulsa will be played by Elizabeth Banks in the upcoming Power Rangers movie. The upcoming film will be directed by Dean Israelite, and will feature a cast of young actors to star as the pink, blue, yellow, black, red, and blue rangers respectively.

It isn't hard to imagine Banks in the role, it suits her well, as a matter of fact. With her recent turn as Effie Trinket in The Hunger Games series, and her filmography chock-full of comedic roles, she has the perfect balance of wit and charm (mixed with a touch of devilish) to pull of the classic character.

Re-imagining a classic

This updated version is certainly taking some creative license, re-imagining the Rangers as a group of high school kids who (after being given extraterrestrial powers) band together to save the world.

Plans to develop another live-action movie were first announced by Lionsgate and Saban Brands in 2014. Though the previous film was released over two decades ago (1995'sMighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie), this new venture is slated to be the first film of a new franchise.Lionsgate officially announced the casting through the Power Rangers Twitter account, and Banks herself later tweeted:

“After 10,000 years, I’m free!

It’s time to conquer Earth!!⚡️ Time to play #RitaRepulsa #PowerRangersMovie.”

While the film's March 17th, 2017 release date is still far away, thankfully it's nowhere near as long as the 10,000 years Rita had to wait to be free.

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