Deadpool is DOA - Definitely On to Awesomeness. Now already scoring record-breaking $135 million in domestic sales, according to latest estimates, it's headed for an estimated $260 million worldwide.

Sure enough, this film has clicked with both fanboys and gals. Further defying “conventional wisdom,” the R rating doesn’t seem to hurt but may have even boosted its sales as well. The strength of its appeal is clear in ranking with the romantic vampire Twilight series that was so popular with female audiences.

What’s most surprising is that Deadpool accomplished this during a weekend normally reserved for rom-coms (romantic comedies) - Valentine’s Day weekend. In fact, part of their marketing campaign was to spoof this. (see photo insert)

Deadpool Success Owes to Star

This is great News for Ryan Reynolds, who has worked on Deadpool for eleven years after struggling to recover from the disappointing performance of his previous superhero film, Green Lantern. Many agree that this was a much better match for Reynolds' comedic talent.

While some say that fans may be getting tired of yet another superhero movie, wondering if Hollywood is running out of ideas and relying on remakes, reboots or sequels, this doesn’t seem to be the case here. Deadpool has currently earned an 84% freshness rating on Rotten Tomatoes. Some individuals criticize the adult humor and edgy quality of the film as “juvenile,” but many generally agree that the film offers a fresh take on the superhero genre.

How Deadpool was Almost DOA

Ironically, Deadpool was almost "DOA" in the traditional "Dead on Arrival" sense. Reynolds credits fans and the Internet supporters. At a "Talks at Google" event Reynolds said that he and the other supporters sent emails that you would never send to the heads of studios, lobbying for Deadpool to be made. Finally, Reynolds said, the studios basically gave us the green light and left us alone to make the movie that he and his team wanted to make.

When asked about their R rating, compared to the typical PG-13 of most superhero action movies, Reynolds said that the only way to make Deadpool was without any reservation. Having a PG-13 rating, he said, wouldn't allow the creative freedom needed. Apparently, Reynolds and the rest of his crew did know just what would make Deadpool successful.

Asked how to get older audiences to see Deadpool, Reynolds joked, "I think just physically lift grandma up and take her.. just tell her we're going to see On Golden Pond!"

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