Formally Bruce Jenner, Caitlyn has never been far from the media’s eye. After her recent, highly publicized sex change, 66 year old Caitlyn has drawn a lot of attention to her life and also to the cause of transgender people.

Last year she starred in her own TV show called I Am Cait. A reality documentary that looked at her transition from being a man to a woman and the affect it had on her friends and family.

Just recently, she signed with MAC Cosmetics to bring out her own line of lipsticks

Jenner claims it was an aspiration to not only create the lipstick of her dreams but, more importantly, to raise awareness for the transgender community.

Now, she’s done both.

MAC has revealed that sales will be put towards the company’s Transgender Initiative, which will support transgender communities.

Aptly called “Finally Free” the lipstick, according to the company, “champions all ages, all races and sexes”.

It will be available from April this year.

Jenner believes that MAC is the best company to drive attention towards raising awareness and support for the transgender community.

There is no doubt that Jenner sees the support of MAC as a form of recompense for all she’s been through. She believes that transgender issues are women’s issues and a lot more needs to be discussed in this area.

According to the Transgender Initiative’s Facebook page its goal is to create a safe place for people across the world who complete the gender spectrum.

Their aim is to create a supportive and welcoming environment where transgender people and their supporters can gather and offer support.

Before news broke of her deal with MAC Cosmetics, Jenner was filmed in a stunning white wedding dress.

The reality TV star admits that it has always been a dream of hers to walk down the aisle in white, although she is not seeing anyone at the moment.

To promote the next series of I Am Cait, she was filmed spinning and twirling in an elegant white lace gown in a bridal boutique.

Jenner admits that the transition from man to woman is taking time and is a work in progress

As a man, Jenner was married three times. Probably the most famous to Kris Kardashian.

In an interview with Wonderland magazine, Jenner’s daughter Kylie admits that she has known her whole life that her father was transgender.

The 18 year old goes on to say that she just wanted her father to be honest with her.

The new series of I Am Cait goes to air March 6 on E!

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