So, mark your calendar. The release date for Blade Runner 2 has been set for January 12, 2018, over the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday weekend.

While Harrison Ford will be returning as ex-police officer Rick Deckard, joining him will be Ryan Gosling. Filming is to begin later this year.

Reviving a Cult Classic or Ruining a Fan Favorite

Still, this begs the question - is this a movie that really needs to be made?

While the film has developed a cult following over the years and stood up well over time, many fans question whether this is a story that needs to be told.

As soon as the News came out, the general consensus is that all the right pieces appear to be in place for a successful film.

Yet, there is a sense of uneasiness. Some movie goershave already decided that the sequel is a bad idea and that this will only ruin what was a good thing. Others are more open to the possibilities that Scott and his production will bring to audiences.

Studio Sending Mixed Messages

Using a release date normally reserved for films that studios don’t expect to perform contradicts what seems to be a significant investment of talent and resources.

First, Denis Villeneuve of Sicario is set to direct this next chapter. Second, Michael Green has teamed up with Hampton Fancher, who wrote the original screenplay, based on Philip K. Dick's 1968 novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? to writethe script for this sequel. Behind the lens will be cinematographer Roger Deakins who is often in demand by directors, such as Sam Mendes and the Coen brothers.

Both lead actors - Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling - are not unknown to A-lists. Ford himself is still riding the recent success of the latest addition to the Star Wars franchise, The Force Awakens. And what does all this mean for the rumors of Han Solo’s actual demise?

Unless Warner Bros. is trying to pull off some switch like a fake Bradley Cooper, Blade Runner 2 doesn’t likely to pull off an Oscar-worthy limited release like American Sniper.

Meanwhile, Deadpool has shown how a mid-February can still break box office records. So, for now, the jury is out. Perhaps Blade Runner 2 is banking on building lots of anticipation between now and its release.

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