After a few controversial weeks, the peace could be returning to the Kardashian family. After the online argument between Kanye West and Wiz Khalifa, it seems there are a lot of fences in need of mending and damage control that needs to be done. Kim Kardashian and Amber Rose have met for a "tea" and apparently it was all settled between the families. Now, according to,Blac Chyna wants to follow the example of best friend Amber, and she wants to meet Kylie Jennerto solve their disagreements.

Blac Chyna wants to meet Kylie

Blac Chyna and Kylie Jenner have an awkward relationship, and Tyga is the one to blame. The American rapper is dating Kylie after being married to Chyna. Also, the former couple has a child in common, a three-year-old boy, King Cairo. Nonetheless, despite all the history and the feuding, it seems that Chyna wants to squash the bad blood between them.

Despite being rivals and exchanging a few insults through social networks, Blac Chyna nourishes some sympathy by the way Kylie cares about King Cairo.

She is aware that the television star will be part of her child's life for a while, as she’s dating Tyga, and therefore there is no reason for being upset. According to a source, King Cairo has a special room at Kylie's house. "It's like a mini Disneyland" with many decorations, according to a source who spoke to

Good relations with the Kardashian family because of Rob

This attempt to approach comes at a time when Blac Chyna is in a romance with Rob Kardashian, and just a few days after being detained by police for possession of banned substances.

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Despite that, Blac Chyna has been very important in Rob's recovery, which could be very pleasant to the Kardashian family.

The Kardashian family has someconcernswith Rob, since he gained some extra weight recently, and he’s also suffering with diabetes. With the support of Blac, he has decided to get fit again. Currently, Rob is a bit far from his family, and Blac could help them reconnect. "She lovesthatman.

She really wants to be accepted into the fold," the source revealed to

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