Dear Taylor:

Ten years ago this October marks your arrival on the music scene. I am not a country music fan, but like everyone else it was obvious you were and remain a huge talent. I appreciate many styles of music, and learned from an early age the nuances of jazz from my father. I grew up with the Beatles and Led Zeppelin and other iconic performers, Barbra Streisand to Tony Bennett, Cat Stevens to Carole King.

At your young age and with so much success, you're world is a complex business now, with demands for your time and responsibilities as a role model to many fans.

Your family and associates count on you. You are an empire of one.

You are also mature beyond your years. But maybe you could still use an little encouragement from someone you don't know.


Here it is: Now is the time for you to distance yourself from Kanye West. He's poison.

I don't particularly like rap music, but like country music, I appreciate talent. Eminem, for example, has energy and angst. He's a showman and he has something to say with his raw lyrics and musical poetry. I also appreciate your songwriting and showmanship.

Kayne West Is Musical Vaneer

Kayne West is an angry man. His music is praised by some critics, who in my opinion, feel like they have to like it because not to like it would be politically incorrect. But there's not much substance to Kanye, just spectacle. Outrage doesn't equal talent. It's just shock.

Much has been made over over Kanye's insults to your music and to you personally. You've chosen to respond in your music and via social media. It would be hard not to defend oneself against such vicious behavior.

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But my unsolicited advice is to stop battling against the unarmed. Kanye West's career in shambles as are his personal finances. What can you possibly gain from responding to his vitriol?

You are at the forefront of the music scene, innovative and positive. You are philanthropic and likely still have a sense of your good fortune and your privilege. Kayne West is the antithesis of your world. He defines entitlement, negativity. He commands attention when it's not warranted. He's jealous.

So, Taylor, play your music, write new songs, explore and expand your talents. Leave Kanye West to his own devices. He's not worth your time.