This weekend, in an era when all of the Marvel and DC comic heroes are getting their chance to shine on the Silver Screen, Ryan Reynolds brings life to Deadpool as part of Marvel's X-Men Universe series of films. However, unlike Iron Man andCaptain America fromThe Avengers franchise, Deadpoolisn't the kind of superhero flick made for a family outing. Even if the content weren't justifiably R-rated, the movie is so intelligent and "meta" that a younger audience just isn't appropriate.

Before you sit down for what promises to be the latest of the Marvel cinema classics, here are five things you should know ahead of time.

Ryan Reynolds as Deadpool inX-Men Origins: Wolverine

For those who pay close enough attention, you may remember Ryan Reynolds having a role in X-Men Origins: Wolverineas part of William Stryker's government-funded mutant attack force as "Wade." Reynolds has wanted to makeDeadpool since 2004, so when an opportunity for Wade "Deadpool" Wilson came up in Wolverine's past, Reynolds stepped up.

ButOrigins: Wolverine is to the X-Men movie franchise whatThe Incredible Hulk is toThe Avengers-based franchise.

Most adherents would prefer if the film didn't exist and like to ignore the inconsistencies brought up by the film. The history from theOrigins film isn't acknowledged in the other X-Men films, and the same applies to Deadpool. The history portrayed in that film should be treated as legend of the X-Men Universe, not history.

Colossus from theX-Men movies inDeadpool

If you have seen all or most of the prior X-Men films, then you should be familiar with Colossus.

He didn't play a major role in the franchise, although he increased from a mere cameo in 2000'sX-Men to a part of the changing timeline inX-Men: Days of Future Past. He will be portrayed by a new actor in this film (Andre Tricoteux), as Daniel Cudmore declined the chance to reprise the role from the previous films.

As the last film in the franchise (Days of Future Past) ended, Colossus was seen teaching at the X-Academy.

What he does between then and theDeadpool film is yet unknown.

Deadpool is not a family film

While the X-Men and Avengers films can definitely be appreciated by adults, they are mostly safe for the whole family. Deadpool is unapologetically R-Rated. And it's not just for the language. It has been given the R-Rating for "Strong violence and language throughout, sexual content and graphic nudity."

Deadpool is the most "meta" Marvel film to date

Ryan Reynolds has made mention in multiple interviews (including those with Seth Meyers and Jimmy Fallon) that this movie is "so meta" that the character Deadpool knows he's in a superhero film and even makes jokes about being played by Ryan Reynolds.

He exists in the same universe as Hugh Jackman's Wolverine and Patrick Stewart's Xavier, but he narrates it in a way that has yet to be introduced to any of the Marvel films in any cinematic universe.

Deadpool is now in the X-Men Universe for good

The fact that Colossus from the prior X-men movies is solidifying Deadpool's place in the X-Men Universe means he's fair game for any of the future films being planned. Just as Ant-Man and the cast ofGuardians of the Galaxy won't be in every Avengers-related film, they can be used as needed for any of the major crossover films.

With such films asX-Men: Apocolypse,Gambit, and aDeadpoolsequel already planned, you never know when Ryan Reynolds might show up in a future Marvel feature.

Deadpool hits theaters on February 11.

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