“I will be there for you when the rain starts to pour...” – these are the lines which we automatically start to sing every time we hear of the show Friends. It has been more than a decade since the show was last aired on the Television and people still follow it religiously. It is highly unlikely that you will come across a person who hasn’t heard of this show.

However, in 2005, another show took the television by storm: How I Met Your Mother. As the name suggests, the premise of the show is that the lead, Ted Mosby, is telling his kids the stories about his life, which eventually come together to tell them, and us, about how he met his wife.

While this was a fun show to watch and gave us many wonderful reasons to laugh, one could not help but draw comparisons with Friends. As it turns out, both the shows were good, but Friends was certainly on another level. Mentioned here are some of the reasons as for why we think so.

Firstly, Friends had a much better storyline when compared to HIMYM. In the former, the story revolved around the lives of all the six characters instead of focusing on solely one, which was the case with the latter. Yes, there were many episodes that gave us a look into the lives of Lily, Marshall and Barney, but do you really believe that it was done in the same vein as Friends did? I hardly think so.

Moreover, Friends was far more realistic in terms of giving us life lessons. HIMYM taught us lessons about love, but Friends had taken it a step further and taught us about moving on, sorrows, losses, disappointments and most importantly this – it is okay to be lost in life at times.

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All we must remember is never to give up hope. If you think closely, all the six characters had some sort of existential crisis in their lifetime and they dealt with it accordingly. I don’t recall HIMYM doing that.

Lastly, Friends made us cry. It had that ability to reduce the adults to tears while with a smile on their faces. Any generation of people can watch this show and enjoy it to the fullest, which for me will always be the biggest reason to favor this show more than HIMYM.