The hunt is on to find an actor who will be perfect to play the part of a young Han Solo in a Star Wars spinoff movie slated to come out in 2018. Disney plans to go on with the planned film but experts think it will be very hard to find an actor that can achieve the nearly impossible task of representing a young Han Solo and filling Harrison Ford’s shoes.

The task is deemed so hard partly because Ford is so deeply enshrined in what is a very iconic Star Wars character in the series. Even so, Disney is planning on attempting the task, and several actors are already being listed as possible choices to play a young Han Solo.

Several actors in the running for young Han Solo role

There are several names being floated around to possibly play Solo in his younger life. These names include actors like Miles Teller, Ansel Elgort, and Dave Franco. Other names include Jack Reynor, Blake Jennner, and Scott Eastwood. The list goes on with others such as Emory Cohen and Logan Lerman.

The movie would be directed by Phil Lord and Chris Miller, who were both involved in the making of the LEGO Movie. One rumor is that Disney is in a hurry to cast the Solo part because they want to put the character in the upcoming Rogue One, which is set for next December. The Solo movie itself is not supposed to start filming until 2017.

Is replacing Harrison Ford a good idea?

Even so, some say just the attempt to put someone else in the iconic role of Han Solo is sacrilege and that it won’t be accepted by Star Wars fans. Harrison Ford is just too deeply inserted into the part that it would not seem right to let another actor play him, even just as a child or young man.The questions are many, such as what would he look like?

In the first Star Wars movie he was supposed to already be in his mid-30's, so no one has seen Han Solo any younger. The character is a mix of contradictions -- tough, yet romantic, cynical, but hopeful, cocky yet not too vain.

An actor will have to figure out how to harness all of these things in a believable way and still have the charm of the original Solo, so it'll bea huge task no matter who gets the part.

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