On Tuesday producer Jerry Bruckheimer tweeted how he and Tom Cruise are finally talking about shooting Top Gun 2. This followup to the iconic 80’s hit has been probably one of the most anticipated sequels. But the question remains, now that Maverick is ready to get back in the saddle, what about the world?

The Original Winning Recipe that Launched Careers

Ironically, when Jerry Bruckheimer first pitched the idea years ago, he was met with a lot of no’s from a reluctant young Tom Cruise. At the time Cruise had made a few films including the hit Risky Business but the junior actor had not yet hit celebrity status.

In an interview Cruise said, “When I first read it, I thought they did a very thin story script.. and I thought - ‘er, I don’t know about this.’”

Desperate to cast the rising star, Jerry Bruckheimer made a call to an admiral and begged to get the actor to fly in an actual navy aircraft. In spite of throwing up, the flight in a Blue Angels A-4 jet sold the star-to-be, and he agreed to sign on.

Besides launching the career of this A-lister Top Gun attracted actress Kelly McGillis who showed promise after her role in the film Witness.

Top Gun would go on to launch the careers of then-unknown actors: Val Kilmer, Anthony Edwards, Meg Ryan, and even Tim Robbins.

With the stars in place Bruckheimer chose Tony Scott for his highly stylized visual look. At the time the director had not made any major films for four years since the disappointing performance of his feature The Hunger starring the recently deceased David Bowie [VIDEO].

From the beginning there was a push and pull tension between director and star - Tom Cruise always wanting to bring ideas to set.

This would continue throughout the production.

A Different Time, A Different Place

The hit movie struck a chord during the Reagan era - at a time when the expression “the pride is back” echoed throughout America.

When the original production reported to Miramar Naval Air Station in spring of 1985, it was still Top Gun. Now the Navy Fighter Weapons School known is part of the Naval Strike and Air Warfare Center.

In 1996 the actual school was moved to NAS Fallon Nevada as part the transfer of the base to the Marine Corps as MCAS Miramar.

Don Simpson biographer, Charles Fleming described the hit film as “..very 1980’s. It’s big. It’s loud. It’s indulgent. It’s self-obsessed. It’s noisy but it’s got that two hour worth of popcorn octane that’s very satisfying.”

Besides the many hit songs from the original soundtrack playing on the hit charts all summer long in 1986 - memorable lines from the movie became a part of pop culture; leather jackets were sold; navy recruitment soared.

Success Came at a High Price

None of the key players could foresee the ways that they would end up paying for the success of the blockbuster film.

During the production of the original Top Gun Director Tony Scott was fired and rehired three times while shooting the movie. He jumped to his death in 2012. It is still unclear whether any health or other reasons were behind this.

Berlin’s hit song "Take My Breath Away" won an Oscar but caused a rift between lead singer Terri Nunn and other band members who felt that it wasn’t their sound since the song was written by another artist.

For years Kelly McGillis struggled with the attention and sudden celebrity status. She battled with addiction to cope with the surge in notoriety.

Halfway through shooting producer Don Simpson checked himself into rehab for drug use.

Years later he was found dead from adrug overdose in 1996.

The film was dedicated to stunt pilot, Art Scholl, whose plane was lost at sea while shooting footage. His body was never found.

Over the years there have been several attempts at remakes of other iconic 80’s movies. Most haven’t done so well in the box office including the 2010 A-Team, which Tony Scott co-produced.

So, while the team of Cruise and Bruckheimer is ready to reunite, the question remains if the world is ready for Top Gun 2?

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