The popular series was ended in 2004, which was followed by movie versions in 2008 and 2010, but those couldn’t really resurrect the atmosphere of the series that was on TV for six seasons. And of course, long years have passed by, so here’s the question: how are the ladies of Sex and the City doing now?


Since her very first role as Rusty in the 1984 movie Footloose, the actress appeared in many films, but her name has been connected to Sex and the City.Sarah Jessica Parker hasn't really had any mentionable works of similar quality since the finale of the series.

Of course, she impersonated Carrie Bradshaw, who “knows good sex...and isn't afraid to ask!” in the first and second movies of Sex and the City as well, but apart from (and also including) these, she's only acted in lackluster Rom-Com's.

Her private life is much better: she's still married to actor Matthew Broderick, with whom she got married a year before Sex and the City. Their first child, a boy named James, was born in 2002 between the shootings of the fifth and the sixth seasons (the actress was six months pregnant during the last episodes of the fifth season). After this and before the shooting of Sex and the City 2 at the age of 44, Parker gave birth again (this time to twins Marion and Tabitha), with the help of a surrogate mother.

We can see the actress next in a romantic comedytitled All Roads Lead to Rome.


The actress impersonating the sex-hungry Samantha had to appear in many TV productions for ten years before she could play her first significant role in Police Academy. Although nowadays she has been most famous for his role in Sex and the City, other films are worth mentioning (for example, Mannequin and Big Trouble in Little China).

After the series, she had other films (for instance, the movie about Rudyard Kipling and his son starring Daniel Radcliffe titled My Boy Jack or Polanski’s The Ghost Writer), but she hasn't acted in anything as high-profile as Sex and the City since.

We can say that there’s some similarity between reality and the series concerning her love life, over the years Cattrall had many lovers (colleagues like Daniel Benzali, Timothy Hutton, and Bruce Willis) and three husbands (her last marriage was between 1998 and 2004 while the series was on).

Since 2012 the actress has been the girlfriend of a famous artist and photographer, Clifford Ross, whose works have been exhibited in museums like MoMA, the Metropolitan, and Guggenheim.

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