As they promised us long ago, Fox Mulder and Dana Scully came back to television after 14 long years of hiatus that seemed to go on forever. Now, as critics lay heavy fire (both good and bad), we analyze what matters about this long awaited hour of entertainment.

The 90’s are back!

X-Files returned a bit more common. To put in respectful words, they seem to be targeting the teenager crowd, or the less demanding adult. Not that it's a crime or anything. We are getting used to TV series keeping us in the dark whilst interested until the very moment we find out everything about the season’s (or series’) plot and only then the main hunt begins.

We are used to writers coming up with new and better ways to tell a tale. However, the X-files came back as a 90’s show. For real. Mulder, for example, isn’t even trying to be reasonable.


He’s got what he thinks is right and that’s it.

He’s grown to become the old hermit who tells tales of the impossible and nobody takes him seriously. But, then again, he’s an FBI agent, which brings a lot of respect to his opinions about aliens and governmental conspiracies and aliens conspiring to take over the government.

Blasting views

Even so, the amazing number of 13.5 million viewers is what’s being told about the premiere. There are still those who watch it over the week, but we’ve got to admit it’s a very impressive number for this decade. Chris Carter, the series creator who also wrote this season, did a great job in getting the required attention for a successful premiere.

Counting on the past

All fans are counting on the show’s past success for some great twists, eager to get the season going for a better conclusion than we had in 2002 or in the movies.

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But, considering the amount of stories worth being told that this mythology has, it’s possible that we end up with a renewal and a new season next year.

And, as a treat, we actually get to find out what happened when they tried to live together. Ultimately, with shows like Fuller House, Gilmore Girls, and now The X-Files all back, we're getting a serious dose of 90's nostalgia.