It might be tiring forGeorge Miller to count the Academy Award nominations of his movie, as Mad Max: Fury Road has been nominated in ten categories by the American Film Institute. Some of them are rather technical categories (sound editing, sound mixing, etc), but it has chances in the categories of the best movie and best directing as well.

Alejandro González Iñárritu’s The Revenant got the most nominations (exactly twelve), of which it will surely win at least six, for example, for its photography.

Star Wars VII has five nominations, three of them are technical (sound editing, sound mixing, visual effects), but John Williams has been nominated in the best music category, and the movie can also get an award for editing.

Strangely enough, Ridley Scott directing The Martian has been neglected in the category of best director. He was expected to be among the best five, while Lenny Abrahamson wasn’t. Neglecting Steven Spielberg directing Bridge of Spies wasn’t so surprising: Hollywood doesn’t really like Spielberg.

Although the film got six nominations, Spielberg and the protagonist Tom Hanks didn’t get any.

Aaron Sorkin can also be grumpy as the screenplay of Steve Jobs was expected to be nominated, but the Academy didn’t agree. Jane Fonda could have had a chance because of her supporting role in Youth, and Michael B. Jordan because of starring in Creed, but neither of them were nominated. We would also like to know howQuentin Tarantino feels, as The Hateful Eight can only win in the categories of best music, best female supporting actor, and best cameramen.

This movie hasn’t been nominated even though ten films can be in the category of the best movies (the Academy chose only eight), and it wasn’t considered in the categories of best director and screenplay, either.

Son of Saul is among the best foreign language films: after the Golden Globe, it can win an Academy Award as well. And the Hungarians are present in two further categories: Zoltán Horváth took part in designing the scene of The Martian, and the movieThe 100-Year-Old Man Who Climbed Out the Window and Disappeared can win in the category of best make-up/hair, Brigitta Mozgony, Erzsébet Rácz, and Éva Kozma worked on it.

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