When "The Walking Dead" returns on Feb. 14 the fractured and destitute group led by Rick Grimes will face a new demon knocking at the door of the Alexandria safe-zone. Viewers had a small preview at the end of the mid-season finale last year when we saw Daryl, Sasha and Abraham stopped in the road by a group of unsavory individuals who try to claim all of their possessions, including the gas truck they are driving, are now the property of Negan. So who is Negan and what do we know about this new character? If we look a bit closer at the comic book character we can gleam a bit of the future of "The Walking Dead" and how things may end up for the rest of this season and beyond.

Spoiler alerts ahead, read on at your own peril

In a recent article by Entertainment Weekly, "The Walking Dead" comic book creator and showrunner Robert Kirkman disclosed that Negan would be the equivalent of an atomic bomb being dropped into the series. He went on to say that, basically, nothing will be the same once Negan enters the scene. So who is Negan and what did he do before the zombie apocalypse as we know it? According to the comic books, Negan was a used car salesman before the world fell apart but he is currently the leader of a savage group called The Saviors.

Negan will make previous antagonists look tame

Negan and his saviors spend most of their time making the residents of various communities pay for the protection they are afforded from the zombies and other threats that occur in the apocalypse.

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Negan can be compared to Rick in the sense that he is a capable leader, one willing to keep his people alive despite the odds, but he does so in nefarious ways that are more sinister than Rick would allow. Negan is an equal to Rick, but he has completely lost his moral compass, which makes him dangerous. It's said that Negan adores pandemonium and violent acts all the while being a cunning manipulator of those around him. Negan is skilled at charisma and charm while also enjoying things of shock value and has a generally perverse and morbid nature. One thing is for sure, the Alexandria safe-zone appears no longer to be safe now that Negan has been introduced. Buckle up viewers, it's going to get bumpy as the season comes to a close.