The X-Files, a TV series that ended in 2002, has returned with bigger and better "evil" conspiracy theories. As Fox Mulder says, "I want to believe". The fanatic viewers of the latest episodes want to believe too, but what exactly are they to believe in?

Mild spoiler alerts to follow.

Two well done explosions placed heavy emphasis on the cover up conspiracy in the premier. Fox Mulder is invited back to the FBI to head up the old X-Files division. Mulder's old boss, Walter Skinner, tracks Fox down by contacting Dana Scully, who now works as a medical doctor assisting to repair the heads of children born without ears.

These children have an eerie alien appearance.

Where did they get alien DNA?

The premise is that alien DNA was recovered from the old Roswell UFO crash of 1947. Dana Scully even tests herself for alien DNA which presumably comes from the dead alien retrieved from the Roswell crash.

A TV reporter, Ted O'Mally, similar to Bill O'Reilly (mentioned by name), is interested in exposing the alien and UFO conspiracies long hidden by the governments of the world. His source is a young girl who apparently has alien DNA and has been abducted many times. She has also been forced to bear children for subversive experiments.

Does the science measure up?

One of the largest explosions involved the destruction of an ARV, or Alien Replica Vehicle.

Mulder personally visits the hangar and witnesses the ARV which is said to run on ZPE, zero point energy, an energy supply that is free and readily available via a "gravity warp drive" and electromagnetic field generators. This technology, Mulder reasons, has been suppressed by the oil and gas corporations.

Does the old show compare to the new one?

The re-enactment of the Roswell alien craft crash is fascinating. The new TV show still retains the feel and mystery that was so fascinating to the old show. The graphics are of high quality and the actors are always spooky.

"Are they really a hoax?" says Fox Mulder, speaking of all the UFO files.

We can only watch and see.

Photo credit - By CGP Grey (Roswell - Alien 4889611102) [CC BY 2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

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