Lawyers for the media tycoon Sumner Redstone filed on Monday to get a petition against him for a mental competence evaluation dismissed. The mental competence petition was made by his ex-girlfriend Manuela Herzer, who prior to this was living in the home with him and making medical decisions for him via a previous agreement.Sumner Redstone (92)is also the controlling shareholder of Viacom Inc. and CBS Corporation. He is said to be making his own healthcare decisions, and not to need an examination by his doctor. The attorneys are also arguing that the petition’s proceeding isn’t needed in order to protect his interests, and actually that they consider it to be invasive and abusive.

Petition against Sumner Redstone made in November

The petition against Sumner Redstone was brought in November when Herzer lobbied to get him scrutinized by a doctor to see if he was capable of making his own decisions. Prior to doing that, she was told to leave Redstone's Los Angeles home. Viacom’s Chief Executive Officer Philippe Dauman was instituted as healthcare agent for Redstone in October.Prior to being removed, Herzer was Redstone’s agent and was allowed to make health care decisions for him in the event he was unable. She alleges that Redstone’s signature was forged on the documents making her leave his residence.

Investors worried about Redstone’s competence

Investors are concerned as to whether Redstone is capable of staying in charge as the executive chairman of the two companies.

The Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge David Cowan let depositions take place in December from Dauman and Redstone's physicians regarding medical issues.However, he would not allow one for Redstone, and was waiting for the information from Redstone’s physicians. In court documents,Herzer called Redstone mentally vacant, as well as being listless and having frequent and uncontrolled crying incidents in documents presented to the court.

Redstone’s doctor says exam was routine, billionaire was normal self

Redstone’s primary doctor(Dr. Richard Gold) submitted his own document in court that said he had seen Redstone on December 30th. The doctor said that Redstone’s appointment was routine, and that the man appeared to act normally, talking and joking with the doctor as usual.No court date has been set for a decision from Judge Cowan regarding whether Sumner Redstone will have to undergo a mental evaluation to determine if he's competent enough to make his own decisions.

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