As of Jan 27, early morning on the west coast of the US, despite its incredible performance at the box office, The Force Awakens, number 7 in the Star Wars franchise doesn't make it into the top 10 all-time domestic earners.

Indeed Star Wars has made more money domestically than all other films at $880 million to #2 Avatar at $760 million. But those numbers still aren't big enough to get the blockbuster into even the top 10.

When we adjust the earnings for ticket inflation Star Wars 7 comes in at number 11.

Who's Number 6-10?

#10 - Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs - $948M

Imagine that. Kyle Ren taken down by Dopey and his buddies. Help me Obi-wan, they have pick axes.

#9 - The Exorcist - $962M

Star Wars 8 SPOILER: Could be that Snopes is possessed. We'll find out in Dec, 2017.

#8 - Doctor Zhivago - $1,079M

Wasn't there a rebellion in that flick, too? Does anybody remember who won?

#7 - Jaws - $1,114M

Dun dun.

Dun dun. John Williams composed the music for that, too? Only Beethoven has done better than Williams with just 4 notes. Dun, dun, dun DUN!

#6 - The Ten Commandments - $1,139M

Yeah, yeah, Darth Vader can squeeze throats from a distance, but can he part seas? And chase away locusts, and frogs and ...?

Who'sNumber2 - 5?

#5 - Titanic

Long long ago in a far away galaxyeven bigger super-sized ships went down, er, exploded.

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The Titanic wasn't the first invincible ship to meet its match. Maybe it was space junk.

#4 - E.T. The Extra Terrestrial - $1,234M - No kidding.

I think E.T. and Rey are related.E.T.'s glowing finger is really just a mini light saber. Watch it again. You'll see. Star Wars 8 SPOILER : Rey is not related to Megyn Kelly.

#3 - The Sound of Music - $1,239M

ImagineJulie Andrews singing along with the Ewoks?

"The hills are alive with the sound of ..."

#2 - Star Wars -$1,549M

Star Wars number 1, uh, number 4. The first one to come out but with the number IV in the title. Schools starting teaching Roman Numerals again after this episode came out. That's good.

Who's Number 1?

We have to go all the way back to 1939 to find the top earner of all-time. The Wizard of Oz. No, I am kidding. Dorothy and friends came out the same year but the Wizard couldn't compete with:

#1 - Gone with The Wind - $1,757M

Chewie asked Hans Solo, "GARrghe?" (Translation: What do you think about being beaten by a more recent Civil War Flick?)

Solo replied, "Frankly Chewie, I don't give a damn."

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