We are all familiar with the popular TV series Sherlock, which is known for sensational story lines that give a completely new dimension to the original works by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. However, what is even more intriguing is that this is one of the very few shows out there which has the ability to keep the fans spellbound for long periods of time. While some people find it incredibly annoying that there is a two year break between the seasons (including me), it certainly works well for the producers of the show, who successfully manage to create an aura of mystery.

Before you proceed, be warned - there will be spoilers.

Moving on: Season three ended in 2014, with one of the most unexpected cliffhangers – Moriarty’s come back.


The fact that fans had to wait two years to find out how he survived definitely added to the misery. Well, luckily the most recent episode, which happened to be a special, did attempt to give us an answer about Moriarty’s fate. Well, sort of.

Set in Victorian London, the fans are taken on a fascinating journey where Sherlock Holmes and his trusted companion Dr. Watson embark together to solve a very baffling case – a bride returning from the dead (after shooting herself) and tormenting the victims. Throughout the episode we are led to believe that the entire episode is set in the early days, but the genius of Steven Moffat takes to reality in just a split second!

As it turns out, Sherlock was merely trying to use his ‘Mind Palace’ in order to solve the mystery behind Moriarty’s death by recapturing a similar case from the history books, which happened to be the one with the abominable bride.

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Of course, by the end of it we are left with somewhat of an incomplete explanation, but Sherlock concludes that ‘he is indeed dead’, and scrams with Watson and Mary to deal with the fiasco.

However, it will not be for another year before we find out what Moriarty had planned for the world and how Sherlock will be able to stop his actions. Either way, we all have some peace of mind now.

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