On December 18th, Netflix released a docu-series about a man falsely accused of rape and being imprisoned for 18 years until a DNA result in 2003 concluded that he was, in fact, innocent.

Steven Avery was born in Manitowoc, Wisconsin; and well known around his community for all the wrong reasons. His family was always marginalized and did not blend in with the rest of society.They lived in trailers on Avery Road and ran their own business (a salvage yard).

Averywas known in the Manitowoc Sheriff's Department for incidents such as burglary and the torturing of animals. However, the bigger conflicts started when he pointed a gun at his cousin -- who was at the time married to a Sheriff in the town's Department. The reason behind this aggresive behavior was due to her spreading rumors about him.

A few months later, a woman named Penny Beernsten was jogging on the beach when a hooded man dragged her into the woods and attempted to sexually assault her.

The Manitowoc Sherrif's Dept. amassed "evidence" that implicated Avery (enough evidence to jail him for 32 years). Eighteen years later, in 2003, a DNA test proved Avery's innocence and he was finally released from prison. He filled a $36 million federal lawsuit against Manitowoc County, but his freedom didn't last long, as in 2005 he was the main suspect in Teresa Halbach's homicide.

Averywas the last person to see Teresa Halbach that afternoon.

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Later, police discovered her vehicle in his salvage yard, along with the vehicle's key in his bedroom and his blood nearthe steering wheel. He claimed the police planted evidence because of their inability to give him the $36 million compensation. His lawyers searched the Department and found a sample of Avery's blood with what appeared to look like a hole the size of a needle.

A few months later, his nephew Brendan Dassey (16) explained to detectives that that day he went to his uncle's trailer and saw Teresa Halbach lying naked and handcuffed on the bed.

Then, he explained that Avery handed him a knife and encouraged him to cut her throat. However, the police didn't find any of Halbach's DNA at the scene.Both Avery and Dassey were sentenced to life in prison.

On the 26th of December, a petition to pardon both men was started on change.org which amassed 244,876 signatures.

Another one on the White House's websitehas around 26,500 signatures.

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