Amidst the great acting pieces the world was graced in the last year, a very few were so impacting that they deserved to be immortalized by the Oscars Award. Even if a few escaped nomination, such as Steve Carrel, Tom Hanks and John Boyega, five great men took up the stage and were universally acclaimed by critics and fans alike. As such, here are the five nominees for the 2016’s Best Actor Award:

Bryan Cranston

As Dalton Trumbo in the Trumbo movie, Cranston goes on to mark movie industry in great acting about life in the 20th Century.

The character is well based on Trumbo’s real life, who was blacklisted as a communist enthusiast that could be using Hollywood’s power to spread communist propaganda.

Cranston not only entertained viewers everywhere, but also made quite a tribute to one of the greatest icons in the entertainment history. As such, he was the first nominated to this award.

Matt Damon

Being one of Hollywood’s favorite actors, Matt Damon collects prizes for most of his acting work. This time, as The Martian's Mark Watney, he gives life to an astronaut who was thought dead by the other members of his team and abandoned for dead in Mars.

After the deadly storm passes, he goes on to create ways to survive in the inhospitable Martian territories.

A great job, really acclaimed by critics everywhere, Damon seems a completely different person from Interestelar’s intriguing Dr. Mann in 2014. And there is no comparison between the heroic proactive Watney and Mann’s evil cowardice.

Leonardo DiCaprio

Certainly, Mr. DiCaprio is one of the most cherished actors in Hollywood.

After his early days as a teen idol and as the “immortal” Jack – known by almost every human being alive – DiCaprio went on to become a really accomplished actor, winning many Oscars nominations and a whole lot of other awards.

Even so, he never received an Oscar Award, to the disappointment of fans everywhere.

Now, as The Revenant’s Hugh Glass, he has a new brighter chance. His work was really solid and one can’t help but wonder what his acceptance speech would be like.

Michael Fassbender

Day after day, Mr. Fassbender becomes known by a wider audience for his great works that chine even when sharing a scene with the great names of old.

Also known by other characters in his unbelievable resumé, he was on Band of Brothers, 300, X-Men, Inglorious Basterds and other great productions.

This year, he’s been taken into consideration for his astounding work as the visionary Steve Jobs, in the movie named after the late genius. A great piece of work that scares viewers for the surprisingly resemblance to the real Jobs.

Eddie Redmayne

Ending the list is the actor who stole the scene in the Danish Girl movie.

As Lili Elbe, Redmayne played the role of one of history’s first people to undergo a sexual reassignment surgery.

The film’s last 15 minutes really show why Mr. Redmayne was nominated.

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