Oprah Winfrey, the new spokesperson has caused the Weight Watchers stock to rise after tweeting about losing 26 pounds while on the program. A new spot showed up on TV that stars Winfrey talking about Weight Watchers and how she lost weight even though she eats bread every day and doesn’t deny herself the foods she says she loves.

Weight Watchers stock rose Tuesday starting right after the spot showed up. Winfrey has reportedly been on the Weight Watchers program since August. The ad was also posted by Winfrey online so that her over 31 million followers on Twitter could see it.

Winfrey owns 10 percent in Weight Watchers stock

In October, Winfrey purchased 10 percent of the Weight Watchers stock for more than $43 million, and ever since that time the stock has gone up over 90 percent in cost. She owns about six million shares in the company.

Winfrey is well known for her former talk show, as well as her fight to lose weight over the years. Reportedly, the stock internationally is up 21 percent and was selling for $13.44.

Program promotes both health and weight loss

The program recently has undergone several changes. It now promotes not just losing weight, but living a happier and healthier life. The weight loss platform is now teaching people to use moderation using a points system.

Healthy food such as veggies are worth less points than unhealthy foods, so you can eat more of them, but you can also eat things like bread as long as you count points allotted properly.

Winfrey calls the new program genius, and says that she loves bread and now she can eat it as much as she likes every day.

She started showing up in the commercials for the program in December 2015.

Winfrey’s tweet causes value of company to go up

CNN reported that since Winfrey’s tweet, the value of the company went upto around $150 million dollars, which could be said is a little over five and a half million dollars a pound for Winfrey’s reported weight loss.

The bottom line is that Winfrey is successfully losing weight through the new plan and her being its spokesperson is also helping the Weight Watchers stock, a winning scenario for all involved.

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