A new Kanye West song that hereleased on New Year’s Eveseems to be getting West’s frustrations out, as it bad mouths a lot people, includingNike,Bill Cosby, Steve Harvey, and fellow rappers Drake and Future.The new Kayne West song was released at 11 PM via Twitter, and has been all over social media since its debut. Entitled “Facts,” the lyrics reference current news making the rounds, such as comedian Steve Harvey’s flub of the name of the winner of the 2015 Miss Universe pageant, and Bill Cosby being arrested on sexual assault charges.

Lyrics to new KanyeWest song speak out about current events

The words to the new Kayne West song talk about Kim Kardashian making a “million a minute,” in regard to her new Kimoji emoticon line making millions of dollars when it recently came out with emojis of things like a butt, censored breasts, etc. for Kardashian fans to use in messages and social media postings. Her emoticon app actually crashed Apple’s servers when it became available on December 22nd.

West also dissed Cosby (78) by asking if “anybody feels bad” for him or did he “forget the names” like Harvey (58).

Comedian Bill Cosby was recently arraigned and let go on a million-dollar bail this past week for an alleged sexual assault in 2004 of an employee at Temple University.Cosby was charged with 2nd degree felony on December 30th. The woman involved is one of several dozen who have been coming to the media in the past year or so to accuse the comedian of rape/sexual assault.

Song goes on to out Nike, fellow rappers

West’s new song also covers Drake and Future’s song “Jumpman” saying that “Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman,” and also bad mouths Nike, since West prefers to go with Adidas, as he has had a partnership with them since 2013.

Westraps on, saying that Nike “treats employees like slaves,” and that they can’t even give their shoes away, and gave basketball player LeBron James a “billi” not to leave their partnership.

It's clear with this new track that Kanye has thrown down the gauntlet, and, for anyone that may have forgotten, along with the clothing line and keeping up with the Kardashian's, West can still rap.

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