Mariah Carey is engaged to marry her billionaire boyfriendJames Packer, who she has been dating for less than a year. Packer is from Australia and he asked Carey to marry him while they were in Huntington, New York, her hometown.

Packer presented her with a huge 35 carat diamond engagement ring. The marriage is the third for both Carey and her fiancé. She was formerly married to Tommy Mottlola, a music executive, and later to Nick Canon. Canon is the father of her four-year-old twins, Moroccan and Monroe. Mariah Carey is engaged again after being divorced from Canon for a little over one year.

Packer, 48, is a business tycoon, the owner and executive chairman of entertaining and gaming at the Crown Resorts Ltd.

Packer also has children from a previous marriage: Indigo, 7-years-old, Jackson, 5, and Emmanuelle, who is 3-years-old.

After 10 months of dating Mariah Carey is engaged

Carey and her fiancé have been an item since April 2015. They first met in Aspen, Colorado and then again in 2014 during the summer at the Hercules premiere. They reconnected and have been dating since April. The two have been seen in romantic places like Ibiza, St. Bart’s, Italy and Australia, where Packer lives. They also went to Israel together this past summer, and say it was a spiritual journey. The two spent New Year’s at the Melbourne Crown casino with his mother who owns it.

Packer worth billions, used to being in the spotlight

Packer is said to have a net worth of more than three billion dollars, and sold Consolidated Media Holdings to New Corp in 2012 to make a cool billion dollars. Of course, Carey isn’t poor herself, and is said to have made $27 million dollars in 2015.

While Packer isn’t a Hollywood celebrity, he's still said to be used to crowds and the spotlight due to his wealth and standing. That should bode well when the two get married, as fans and others are bound to put him under the microscope so they can learn all about their idol’s new love and he’ll be able to stand up to the scrutiny.

It is said that despite knowing that Carey has been all over the world, Packer delights in finding new things for her to experience. There has not been an announcement of a date yet. We hope that now that Mariah Carey is engaged to the Australian billionaire and business tycoon James Packer that he will continue to surprise her and they can keep their relationship new and lasting.

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