During the Heroes and Villains Fan Fest hosted in New Jersey, actor Robbie Amell (Firestorm) surprised fans all around the globe during a #TheFlash panel.

In the second season’s episode 13, scheduled to air on February 9th, Amell will be coming back to the show: but not as Ronnie Raymond. That was a bit obvious, since this character dies in the season 2 premiere saving Central City, and considering that the Lazarus Pit is no more, there could be nocoming back (keep in mind that #ReverseFlash did not come back, he was following the canonical temporal course).

And considering the second season’s theme, with the parallel Earth and doppelgangers, it was not hard to guess that Amell would be back as Ronnie’s alternative version.

What no one could expect was what he said next:

“In episode 13, so in a couple weeks, you'll see me as Deathstorm, and Caitlin as Killer Frost. So I get to come back, and I kill a series regular. So there's that, I'm probably going to get in trouble for saying that”.

Now, a few weeks before this huge turn of events, we are left to wonder who this will be and how this death affects the series as a whole – including Barry’s chances to defeat Zoom.

Ronnie Raymond’s return

Back in Earth-2, Ronnie Raymond is also gifted with superhuman powers, but goes by the name of #Deathstorm instead of #Firestorm. It is still unclear if he needs to team up with someone or is capable of shifting on his own, but the quick footage released shows him wearing some sort of device in his chest, which signals to some sort of instability and maybe a weakness.

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Killer Frost v Flash

Caitlin’s doppelganger (Danielle Panabaker) is an even greater foe for the Scarlet Speedster.Bearing the resemblance to one of his closest friends, #KillerFrost is also almost as powerful as he is – but definitely open minded to killing him.On a side note, it should be interesting to know more about this version of Killer Frost, considering that her comic book version is created after a H.I.V.E.

attack, and those villains on Earth-1 are still to come to Central City.

The episode will air on Tuesday, February 9th on The CW.

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