Fans finally got a long awaited look at baby Saint West whenKim posted an image on Instagram (a close-up of the little boy’s hand holding onto big sister North’s finger). It was accompanied by the caption “he’s my best friend.”Saint West is the couple’s second child, and was born on December 5th, 2015. The photo quickly garnered over a million likes. The first Saint West photo didn’t include the baby’s face so fans all over the world will have to continue to wait for that.

First Saint West photo debuts baby’s hand to the world

The baby’s hand photo was also seen on Kardashian’s personal website Saturday, and was entitled “BFF.” His big sister North is two-years-old.

While this photo wasn’t exactly the big event that fans were hoping for since it didn’t reveal his little face, fans say they will take what they can get, and hope Kim posts more photos of Saint West soon.The couple have been pretty quiet on social media about the almost one-month-old boy, and at one point were offered quite a bit of cash for family photos, but have so far turned down those requests.

Kanye and Kim drained, but happy with baby Saint West

Sources have said that parents Kim and Kanye seem drained with all the responsibilities of raising their new baby, especially now since there are two kids to take care of. However, they are also said to be getting a charge out of the whole experience, and that Kanye is loving having a baby in the house again.An insider to the family reported that Saint is a very happy baby, and grandma Kris Jenner is quoted as saying that he is “adorable,” as well as “heavenly.” She also says the little boy looks a lot like his big sister North.

On top of raising new baby Saint West and his sister North, the family is busy with other things. Kanye just released a new tune called “Facts” and Kim recently released a new Kimoji app with Kardashian emoticons for fans that crashed the Apple website. So, for now, fans will just have to settle for getting to see the baby’s hand, and, hopefully, more will follow.

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