Singer Janet Jackson denies cancer is the reason she had to postpone some of her upcoming tour dates. The star has been the subject of many rumors since she announced Christmas Eve that she had to cancel US tour dates due to health reasons.One of gossip websites had put out an unsubstantiated statement saying they had a source that claimed a doctor had found a growth on Jackson’s vocal cords, but now, Jackson denies cancer and says the rumors are false.

Debunking gossip rumors, Jackson denies cancer

Jackson denies cancer rumors, tellingfans that they should only believe it if they heard it from her lips, that she's recovering and doesn’t have any kind of cancer.

In fact, the singer had good news for fans in Europe as she said the dates for the Unbreakable world tour will go on as planned. The dates for the US portion of the world tour will have to be rescheduled, and dates will be announced as they become finalized.

While Jackson is assuring fans that she doesn’t have any form of cancer, she also didn’t say what type of illness made it necessary to cancel some of her world tour dates. She only said that she's recovering, but offered no additional details except that her doctor had approved of her continuing on with the concert dates in Europe.

Jackson one of the most popular singers in the world

Jackson is said to be one of the top singers in the world.

She has sold over 160 million records throughout the course of her 30-year career. She also holds the record for having the most top 10 hits in a row on the Billboard Hot 100 list by a female artist (18), as well as being ranked at number seven in Billboard magazine’s list of All Time Hot 100 Artists in 2008.

Jackson’s "Unbreakable" tour was listed in Pollstar’s Top 20 global concert tour listings. She was also nominated last year for entry into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, but was not chosen. Some of her top hits include tunes such as “Nasty,” as well as “If,” “All for You,” and “What Have You Done for Me Lately.”

Even though Jackson denies cancer, the tabloids and fans will no doubt continue to debate why her Unbreakable tour dates in the US had to be rescheduled.

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