Jaden Smith, 17, son of the actor Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith, is Louis Vuitton's new face for its current gender fluid clothing campaign. The gender fluid clothing campaign advertisements were shot by the famous photographer Bruce Weber. Two of the ads premiered on Nicolas Ghesquière’s Instagram account. Ghesquiere is Louis Vuitton’s creative director.

Smith is seen wearing an embellished skirt, along with a fringed top, some shiny loafers, and a moto jacket. The outfit, part of the gender fluid clothing campaign, first came out during Paris Fashion Week. Smith appears in the ad along with female models in the shoot.

Smith known for breaking norm, does ad for gender fluid clothing campaign

Smith is known for doing things to break the norm, so appearing in an ad for women’s clothing is not a shock to his fans. In fact, some would have actually been shocked if Smith had instead been in Louis Vuitton's menswear ads. Smith is also a rapper and actor.

The new Louis Vuitton women's wear ads are part of its 2016 Spring/Summer collection. Smith is not the French Fashion line’s only eccentric model this campaign year. The 2016 Spring/Summer collection is also being modelled by the Lightning character from Final Fantasy, who isn’t even a real person, but a game character.

Smith has had several careers already in his life

Smith has already entered several different kinds of careers in his short 17 years. He has been an actor, a rapper, and now a model. He is said to be very inspiring in the ad campaign, both for men and women. He is doing the ads at a time when the fashion world is looking for gender-fluid and transgender models.

Plus, they are beginning to create genderless clothing styles instead of specific clothing for men and women.

Others like Andreja Pejic, Alessandro Michele, and Hari Nef are joining in this latest venture. For instance, Acne publicized that their new face would be the 12-year-old son of Creative Director Jonny Johansson, who they were dressing in pastel pink coats, tops, and heeled boots.

Smith had already set a trend by doing things like wearing a dress to the prom with his dateAmandla Stenberg. Smith is already a modern representative for genderless clothing styles, and now he will be showing off Louis Vuitton's new gender fluid clothing campaign.

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